The 2nd Annual Tops of Twenty Twelve

This is the second annual edition of this listing where I share my favorite albums from 2012. And for the first time ever I'm also including my top five movies as well. For last year's lists click here.

Here are my main criteria for the music rankings:
Repeatability: Can I listen to it multiple times and not get sick of it?
Listenability: Is it pleasant and intriguing to listen to?
Emotionability: Does it speak to my heart and soul?
Originalibity: It has to be somewhat original; subjectively.

The "Gangam-Style-Honorary" Top Five Albums Released in 2012
  1. My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men
  2. Other People's Heartache/Flaws EP by Bastille
  3. Silver & Gold by Sufjan Stevens 
  4. Making Mirrors by Gotye
  5. An Awesome Wave by alt-J
The "Temple-of-the-Dog-Honorary" Top Five Albums Acquired in 2012
  1. If Not Now, When? by Incubus
  2. Nickel Creek by Nickel Creek
  3. Vows by Kimbra
  4. Strange Mercy by St. Vincent
  5. Never Trust a Happy Song by Grouplove
Here are my main criteria for the movie rankings:
Emotionability: Does it speak to my heart and soul?
Attentability: Does it keep my attention?
Repeatability: Would I watch it again?

The "Star Wars: Episode VIII - Lucas Strikes Back" Honorary Top Six Movies Viewed in 2012
  1. Wreck-It Ralph
  2. The Dark Knight Rises
  3. Silver Linings Playbook
  4. Django Unchained
  5. End of Watch
  6. Zero Dark Thirty

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